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DPM Store > MP3s > Basics of Deliverance

Basics of Deliverance

(MP3) Product code: MPTS026

Two Part MP3 Series
Controversial, yet scriptural. Deliverance from demonic influence is a relevant and needed ministry in today's church. Drawing on decades of personal experience, Derek Prince imparts the foundational keys to spiritual freedom.
• How to Identify the Enemy
• How to Expel the Enemy  

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1 4128 How to Identify the Enemy
(MP3 / 24.05 MB)
2 4129 How to Expel the Enemy
(MP3 / 25.61 MB)
Most Christians do not realize their value in God's eyes. This is not humility, but poor self-esteem. It is only when you know your value that you can exercise humility.
Price now: CAD$3.00
Why is there spiritual warfare? Who is fighting whom? Which side are we on? Learn how to wage spiritual warfare.
Price now: CAD$3.00
Personal testimony is the "hyssop" by which we apply the Blood of Jesus to our lives.
Price now: CAD$3.00