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DPM Store > CDs > God Revealed in His Names

God Revealed in His Names

(CD) Product code: CDRS513
Two CD Audio Series
• God Revealed in His Names - Part 1
• God Revealed in His Names - Part 2

Radio CD Series - Radio CDs contain five twelve-minute messages originally produced for the radio program, Derek Prince Legacy Radio.
Price now: CAD$14.00
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God longs for us to know Him not as our warden, our broker, or our boss, but as our Father. Derek Prince reveals the blessings of truly knowing God as our Father.
Price now: CAD$7.00
(Radio message) Restoration is the single, all-encompassing word that sums up God's purposes for His two covenant peoples—both Israel and the Church—at this time.
Price now: CAD$18.00
We impart to others more of what we are than what we say. Seven practical keys to stability and maturity.
Price now: CAD$14.00