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DPM Store > DVDs > Commanded to Love

Commanded to Love

(DVD) Product code: D4432
Love is not a suggestion or a recommendation, but a command from Almighty God. Through it we can impact our neighborhood, city, and country. Learn what it means to love.
Price now: CAD$12.00
These three emotional wounds cut deeper than any physical injury ever could, but at the cross, Jesus offers complete and total healing. Let this encouraging message start you on the path to God's tender healing.
Price now: CAD$12.00
Most Christians do not realize their value in God's eyes. What often appears to be humility is simply an inability to understand our standing as a child of God. Learn to see yourself as God sees you—and leave poor self-esteem behind forever.
Price now: CAD$12.00
As the one New Testament miracle without an Old Testament counterpart, deliverance from evil spirits is the one distinctive sign that the Kingdom of God has come.
Price now: CAD$12.00