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DPM Store > Foundations > Through Repentance to Faith

Through Repentance to Faith

(Book) Product code: B102

As each believer comes to faith in Christ, four elements are required: confrontation, revelation, acknowledgement and confession. If we have never laid that foundation, we can never erect the building that is our life in Christ. Once we have laid the foundation, we can go on to complete the building, "and this we will do if God permits" (Hebrews 6:3).

Price now: CAD$3.00
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Many Christians are not aware of the amazing potential that is available to them in the Word of God. (187 pages)
Price now: CAD$7.00
From best-selling author and Bible teacher, Derek Prince, comes his most detailed teaching on God's miraculous gift of healing. (192 pages)
Price now: CAD$11.00
After a journey of discovery through this exciting course, even seasoned believers will find a new ease in conversing with God, fellowshipping with other Christians, receiving guidance and winning souls. (211 pages)
Price now: CAD$18.00