Keeping DPM in Prayer


January 16th - 22nd

January 16—Hungary

  • We plan to reprint the book Faith to Live By in Hungarian for the third time. Pray that believers will learn how to apply Derek’s teaching in their lives, especially those struggling with faith in difficult situations – sickness, lack of finances, etc.

  • Pray that our new release, The Key to the Middle East, will help believers to understand the role of the Jewish people in God’s plans and that He will keep His promises to His covenant people, Israel, and the Church.

January 17—Eastern Europe

  • Pray for protection and strength for Brano who is overseeing the work of DPM in 12 nations across this region, as he travels and stays in contact with the various offices and workers.

  • Pray for the Lord’s continued blessing and provision for all the language projects in progress and for encouragement for these committed workers.

January 18—Slovakia

  • For the last six years, we have published twelve Teaching Letters every year, and to date we have distributed almost 150,000 copies.

  • Pray that this material will continue to be an encouragement for Christians in Slovakia in 2022. 

January 19—Cambodia
Now that the Government has started opening up the country again, the DPM team, in conjunction with One-2-One Ministries, plan to organize fellowship with local pastors to provide medical care, Bible training and to distribute Derek’s teaching material. Pray for God’s leading in the planning of these meetings, along with evangelistic events.

Testimony – Cambodia
I work in a Baptist church and thank God I have received the book, Praying for the Government. My village and I used to pray only for our village and for the youth; we never thought to pray for the government. Prayer is very important so that we have a good government – it will make it easier for us to spread the Gospel. Now I will start to instruct my church members that they need to pray for the government.  We can be standing in the gap with our prayers for God to heal our land. We want to see our government healed and all the people accept Jesus. Thank you and God bless you.

Outreach Report – Cambodia
Cambodia Director, Huy, made a trip to Battambang Province and held an outreach for 100 families affected by flooding and Covid-19. We are in partnership with local churches who help to organize outreaches and follow up with those who accept Jesus. Derek’s booklets were distributed, along with food packs.

January 20—Australia
With the Covid restrictions easing, pray that opportunities will arise for the sharing of Derek’s resources amongst Indigenous communities and also for connections with other ministries. 

January 21—China
Derek’s book The Coming Revival has been translated and is ready to join many other titles by Derek Prince that are available in Chinese. Another book Hear God’s Voice is being translated. At the same time, books that we have supplied for many years are still in demand. Pray that these books, new and old, will build up Chinese believers in the Lord.

Praise Report – China
As China tightens its control of the internet to try to block the supply of Bible teaching materials, the Lord has been helping our media team to find innovative ways to stay connected with believers in China. This keeps the supply of Derek’s teaching flowing online. It is no easy task! We praise the Lord for His help.

January 22—Vietnam

  • Pray for sufficient funding to cover the costs of translating and printing Derek’s Bible teaching into Vietnamese.

  • Pray also for widespread distribution of the material across Vietnam.

Testimony – Vietnam
Thank you so much, DPM. Your generosity has encouraged me so much, knowing that there are people standing with me and partnering with me for the cause of the Gospel. I am on fire to see more people saved and discipled, and to plant more churches. By the grace of God and your support, we have more gasoline to travel to many villages.          —Pastor “T” 

Praise Reports – Vietnam

  • Pastor “D” in Da Nang advised that 50 DPM-funded packs of humanitarian aid were distributed by pastors and evangelists, and 10 people came to salvation. What a real blessing, both physically and spiritually!

  • Another DPM coordinator, Pastor “A”, in Ho Chi Minh City, distributed humanitarian aid packs to 150 people in the slums, concentrating on districts near her church. Many of them are originally from the provinces and are in Ho Chi Minh for work, but due to the pandemic they have lost their jobs and are unable to travel back to their hometowns. 





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