Keeping DPM in Prayer


March 26th - April 1st

March 26—Namibia

  • Pray for more Portuguese and Afrikaans books to be made available for this nation so that many people can be impacted by God’s Word. 

  • A request for material came in from a Christian bookshop. Pray for more opportunities to distribute Derek’s teaching material in Namibia.  

March 27—South Africa

  • Pastor Hamppie Stemmet travelled again this month to the Cape region on the Namibian border, taking the Afrikaans Self-Study Bible Course, Foundations DVDs and other material to distribute. Pray for his ongoing protection and that many people will be impacted by Derek’s teaching.

  • Many people have received Derek’s material since 2019 when Pastor Stemmet began ministry in the Cape region. Their hunger for spiritual food is remarkable, and people cry when they receive Derek’s teaching. Pray that they will continue to grow in their walk with the Lord. 

Outreach Reports– South Africa

  • A missionary couple from Quebec, Canada visited our office and plan to minister in the Orange Free State and Cape areas. We gave them the Afrikaans books, Foundations and Bought with Blood, along with DVD teaching in Afrikaans and English and other material to distribute. They shared some powerful testimonies of people they ministered to who were healed and delivered through Derek’s teaching. 

  • A pastor contacted us asking for The Spirit-Filled Believer's Handbook that he first bought 20 years ago (now titled Foundational Truths for Christian Living). He is responsible for a region in the northwest of the country. We sent him three boxes of Afrikaans books and the DVD Foundations set that he will be sharing with all the churches he relates to.

March 28—Southern Africa

  • Pray for success for printing projects in Portuguese that are planned for this year in Mozambique and for printing in South Africa for Angola. Life-Changing Spiritual Power will also be printed in Kenya for Malawi and Shona and Tonga books are being translated and printed for Zimbabwe. Pray for these projects to also go well.

  • Pray that more of Derek’s material will be translated and printed in Portuguese and distributed in these nations, touching the lives of many people, including pastors and ministry leaders.

March 29—Cameroon

  • At an international meeting addressing Israel this month, 200 copies of Why Israel? and Our Debt to Israel were distributed. Pray that many people will learn of the significance of Israel in the Lord’s plan for the last days and how to support the nation and its people. 

March 30—West Africa 

  • Continue to pray for the Lord’s wisdom for Kalidou Barry in Guinea-Conakry as he oversees the translation of 30 core messages by Derek into the Pular language. 

March 31—Zimbabwe

  • We have contact with a South African German couple working in Zimbabwe. Pray that we will be able to provide them with more material in Shona and Tonga. 

  • Pray for those working on these translations and for this couple to reach many with the gospel and Derek’s teaching.

Outreach Report – Zimbabwe

  • A German couple working in the Gokwe-Chireya region have an open door and favor with the head chief. This came after a young man they discipled prayed for his dying mother who then sat up out of a coma! They preached Jesus, and many were saved. As a result, the chief asked them to come help his people. He gave them land to build a school, Bible school, house, and mission base. They were thrilled to know Derek’s books are being translated into Shona and Tonga for that region. We gave them the Shona Foundations DVDs that we voiced many years ago and will continue to provide them with Derek’s material from DPM-Zimbabwe. 


April 1—International 

  • Pray for God’s protection and good health for all staff, families, and outreach workers. Many have been facing serious physical challenges and situations.



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