Keeping DPM in Prayer


January 17th - 23rd


January 17—Netherlands
We are working through the “Laying the Foundations” videos on YouTube to help Christians worldwide understand the foundation of the Christian faith. Pray that the audience will have wisdom and discernment to understand it and to live it.

January 18—Macedonia

  • Pray for the successful printing of several new books in the Macedonian language.

  • Pray for divine connections with church leaders who could use Derek´s teaching to help impact the lives of many believers.

  • Pray that more young people will hear the Gospel message and open their hearts to Christ and go on to find Derek's teaching to help equip them in their new faith. 

January 19—Croatia

  • Our Facebook friends and visitors are steadily growing. Pray for wisdom to use social media effectively to encourage and equip Croatian believers with Derek's teachings.

  • People are not only asking for Derek’s material, but sometimes they ask questions and share prayer needs. Pray for God's wisdom and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to come forth in the ones who minister to those needing prayer. 

January 20—United Kingdom

  • Many people in the UK are being impacted by the pandemic. Pray for those who are involved in ministry and use Derek's materials to boldly share God's message of hope and healing. 

  • Prison chaplains and inmates in the UK will receive our new catalogue of free resources by Derek Prince that they can order. Pray for a good response, and for the inmates to develop a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  

January 21—Poland

  • Several book translations are in progress, including Longing for His Appearing, What’s So Important About the Cross?, and Christ’s Last Order. Pray for the editorial team to finish the projects on time.

  • Pray that Derek’s teaching will empower believers in Poland to fulfill the great commission and prepare them for the Christ’s return. 

January 22—China

  • Pray for the successful translation of new Derek Prince materials, including the book, The Coming Revival, which is scheduled to be completed this month. .

  • Pray for wisdom to use and combine different materials from Derek’s resources to meet the needs of believers in China today, which are many and complex.

  • Pray for God’s protection over the China team’s online communication with brothers and sisters in China, as well as over our websites and platforms. This is critical in China today. May the Lord give us a heavenly "fire wall." 

Praise Report - China
The DPM–China team gives thanks to God for His bringing more and more brothers and sisters in China to our websites and the DPM WeChat app. The increase is amazing! This includes more unbelievers who come with diversified backgrounds!  

January 23—Vietnam

  • Pray for God’s protection, guidance and wisdom for Pastor D. and Pastor A. (in two different cities) who coordinate the two DPM translation teams.

  • Also pray for their families and churches in this communist country as they seek to Reach the Unreached and Teach the Untaught.  

Testimony - Vietnam
“I have been blessed by the many wonderful truths unveiled to me from the book How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, showing me the many reasons behind the setbacks and financial stagnation in my life. I was disrespectful to my parents; dishonest at work; I cursed myself and spoke negatively about myself. After reading this book, I decided to repent of those things and pray the prayer at the back of the book to break the curses over my life and believe God for a breakthrough. Thank God, for much freedom and blessing is coming my way. Thank you, DPM, for giving me this book.”              —Ng T. M. L., Central Vietnam


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