Keeping DPM in Prayer


May 28th - June 3rd


May 28—South Africa

  • Our nation struggles with ongoing power outages, sometimes several times a day for two or more hours or even all day. This has a huge impact on our ministry and people in general. It also causes water shortages. We have installed two Lithium-Ion batteries with an inverter. Pray for God to intervene and for His grace and provision for us to continue our work.

  • Pray for the final editing and layout of a number of new books. One worker could not continue, so Ina, a staff member, has stepped in. Pray for her health as she has faced spiritual opposition.

Praise Report – South Africa

  • A lady who visited the office recently works in a drug rehab center nearby. She has shared with some of the people about the Lord. Many are open to gathering to discuss the Bible. She said the Holy Spirit is working as some who were in opposition are now eager to learn. We gave her Derek’s teaching on Fatherhood and Father God as this is often the root problem with many addicts.

May 29—Namibia

  • Pray for more Portuguese and Afrikaans books to be produced for the people in Namibia who need solid Bible teaching. 

  • Pray for more contacts and open doors for distributing Derek’s teaching material in Namibia.  

May 30—Angola/Mozambique

  • Pray for God’s guidance as to the best way to get Derek’s Portuguese books printed and distributed in Angola and Mozambique.

  • Pray that more of Derek’s material will be translated and printed in Portuguese and distributed in these nations to pastors and individuals.

May 31—Zimbabwe

  • Pray for those involved in the translation and printing of the Shona and Tonga books for Zimbabwe, that all will go smoothly with no delays.

June 1—International 

  • Pray for God’s grace, strength, and provision for all DPM staff and outreach workers, and their families, as many are enduring war, political and social turmoil, various needs, and physical battles.

June 2—Vietnam

  • There are 15 full-time Bible students from seven different tribes in our weekly training using Derek’s materials and proclamation cards. One of them has already planted a new church! Pray for God’s protection over them and that they will gain a deep understanding of God’s Word.

  • Pray for Pastors 'A' and 'D' as they lead the work in Vietnam and look to expand into Hanoi with widespread distribution of Derek’s books amongst church leaders.

Outreach Reports – Vietnam

  • A trip was made to a local village to distribute food packs, Bibles, and Derek’s books. Copies of What’s So Important About The Cross and the Self-Study Bible Course were given out and training was held on how to use these books for discipleship in the churches.

  • A very successful seminar was held for 40 tribal leaders and pastors in central Vietnam, using teaching from the books, Authority and Power of God’s Word and God’s Medicine Bottle, which the leaders were given. Many were blessed and challenged in their faith.  

June 3—Laos

  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection upon our new translator, Pastor 'K', and Mr. 'S' who is our proofreader. 



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