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Inside Outreach began in 1995 in response to letters from prisoners in the UK. At that time Derek’s radio programmes were being aired by UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) radio station.

We became aware that many inmates were regularly tuning in, in their cells and increasingly we received appeals for free materials.

God inspired us to begin a FREE resources programme, especially for inmates: Inside Outreach.

  We selected thirty titles, a mixture of books and audio- tapes (since superseded by CD’s), from our full resource guide. A points ordering system was devised, each prisoner being allowed materials up to the value of 3 points every month according to the monetary value. Points can be saved and carried forward to obtain books or CD's of a greater value


The resource  selection is changed every year,  so long term offenders can develop a personal library from a broad range of subjects.

Hundreds of inmates from 70 prisons currently receive materials on a regular basis.

So far this year we have provided FREE of charge 1,800 resources, including many in some of the 80 foreign languages we have available. The most common requests are for Arabic, Chinese, Russian and French.

Some inmates send us regular donations, even though prison pay currently ranges from only £2.50 - £5.50 per week depending upon whether or not the prisoner has a job. Derek Prince once commented that "God cannot touch man's pocket until man allows him to touch his heart".  So we give thanks to God for using Inside Outreach to touch mens hearts.

Read some extracts of feedback recently received through prisoners letters.

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Yvonne Wood, 20/10/2008