Keeping DPM in Prayer

September 24th - September 30th

September 24—International

The annual meeting of DPM’s worldwide office directors takes place over the coming two weeks.

  • Pray for wisdom and unity as they share, plan, and focus on future outreach.

  • Pray for strengthening of relationships from fellowship and prayer together, and safe travel home.

September 25—Canada

  • Pray for three new board members and Director, Bob Yeo, to move forward with the Lord’s wisdom and direction and that they would see a great harvest come forth in Canada.

  • Continue to pray for new ways to reach people in the prison system and aboriginal communities.

September 26—Hungary

  • Pray for directors Zsolt and Erika, the translators, proofreaders, graphic designers and others involved in producing more new books.

  • Pray that more pastors and church leaders will be open to Derek’s teaching so they can be inspired and encouraged and use it as a tool to be more effective in ministry.

  • Pray for more Hungarian believers to be inspired to support DPM outreaches by prayer and giving.


Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • We are grateful for the new Hungarian books: Living as Salt and Light, Be Perfect—But How? and Receiving God’s Best. We are now working on Husbands and Fathers and By Grace Alone.

  • We praise the Lord for sending us new team members to help in the work.

September 27—Laos

  • There are now two Christian leaders beginning to translate Derek’s teaching into Lao! Pray for the Lord’s protection, insight and anointing upon them as they begin this work.

September 28—United States

  • Derek’s material was provided for a college youth event, Ignite America, in August (Breaker of Dawn Ministries), led by a couple who network with DPM to share Derek’s teaching. Pray for the students and youth leaders from across America to be impacted by the material and connect with the U.S. office.



  • “Brother, I am eternally grateful for the teachings I found on YouTube regarding how to expel demons. As a child and into adulthood, I have always suffered from problems with my ears. They always hurt, were always infected with a discharge…. This was a daily occurrence. Many people suggested I get surgery which would cost about $10,000 for each ear. However, that was never an option for me. About two weeks ago, I ran into your teachings. I thought it was really interesting. Keep in mind I've been a Christian since about the age of 19, and I have been praying for years for healing of my ears. I am now 47. I must confess I did everything you said to do with the intention of being free from any demon but never with the intention of anything else. But yesterday, I realized that my ears haven’t been infected anymore—which means that it was caused by a demon. I just wanted to tell you my testimony and thank you for your videos. I would love to hear back from you. God bless!!”         —Adan (website contact)

September 29—China

  • Pray for God’s protection over James, Elizabeth and their team as they work and minister in this politically unstable nation where there have been attacks upon the Christian community.

  • Pray for the Lord’s intervention in the country’s leadership and His mercy and love to be made known to the people of Pakistan through the believers there.

September 30—South Africa

  • Pray for increased funding for more Mega Voice solar players to distribute to African pastors, Bible schools, prisons and other ministries. Each player contains 400 hours of Derek’s audio teaching and can be used to train future leaders in planting and pastoring churches.


  • “The messages on Impact Radio, YouTube and Facebook have been a source of encouragement to me. God’s truth through Derek’s teachings has changed my life.”  —Peter J.

  • “My father has been listening to Derek every morning on Impact Radio for what feels like 20 years (if that's possible). He also has Derek Prince books and is a huge Derek Prince fan. He recommended these teachings to us, and it has touched our lives. I absolutely loved the Spiritual Warfare series.” —Etienne B


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